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The ignition transformer for a boiler is a crucial piece of equipment to create the spark for combustion. BoilerWAREhouse carries different types of transformers that can meet your needs.

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What is an Ignition Transformer & What is its function?

An Ignition Transformer helps keep the fire lit.

Safe boiler startup and combustion require a safe method of ignition. To make sure the fuel ignites quickly and efficiently, ignition transformers help create a powerful spark of electricity.

Different Types of Ignition Transformers & How to Choose

For boilers that do not use solid-state electronic ignitors, ignition transformers are used to step up incoming voltage to ensure sufficient spark arcs across the electrodes. They typically step up to one of two voltages, depending on the specs of the boiler.

  • 6,000-Volt Transformers step up the supply voltage to 6,000 volts
  • 10,000-Volt Transformers step up the supply voltage to 10,000 volts

The Role an Ignition Transformer Plays in a Boiler

A boiler needs a reliable source of ignition to operate safely. If the incoming fuel is not properly ignited at startup, or during boiler firing, it can collect and create an explosion hazard. Ignition transformers step up the incoming voltage using copper coils around an iron core to generate a larger, more consistent spark across the ignition gap to ensure the fuel burns.

what is the effect of a bad Ignition Transformer?

When an ignition transformer goes bad, it will stop generating spark. This may cause excess fuel to build up, causing an explosion.

Things to Consider about ignition transformers:

If you hear puffs or excessive rumbles coming from your fire side, you may have a failing transformer.

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Ignition Transformer FAQ

How do I test my ignition transformer?

The best way to test it is to safely apply power to it and see if a spark is created across the electrodes. You can also listen to hear if the electrodes are arcing properly.

What’s the difference between ignition transformers and electronic ignition systems?

Ignition transformers step up voltage by using a series of copper coils wound around an iron core. Electronic, or solid state, ignitors use electronic circuitry to generate the necessary voltage.

Does the ignition transformer stay on during the entire firing cycle?

It depends on the design of your boiler. Some boilers keep power supplied to the ignition transformer during the entire firing cycle. Some only use intermittent spark pulses to ensure the fuel stays properly ignited.