Water Level Controls/LWCO

Properly operating water level controls are crucial to the safety and longevity of your boiler. Most catastrophic boiler room explosions are caused by boilers operating with improper water level. It's very important to make sure your water level controls are checked regularly for proper operation. In the event you need to replace them, we can help. We stock brands such as McDonnell and Miller, Clark Reliance and Warrick as well as many brands of Differential Pressure Transmitters.

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Boiler Water Level Control

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What is a Water Level Control & What is its function?

Water level controls are designed to maintain the correct water level in your boiler, especially under times of heavy load. Some have an added feature of also being a Low Water Cut Off (LWCO) and is a required safety device required to safely operate a boiler.

Different Types of Water Level Controls & How to Choose

WARE’s wide selection of water controls includes everything your boiler needs to keep the water at the right level, and operating with maximum efficiency and safety. There are different brands and methods for controlling water level. Such as a float type, probe type, or differential pressure.  

The Role Water Level Controls Play in a Boiler

Water level controls refer to the systems in your boiler that monitor the water level, and open the feedwater valve or start a pump to add more water as needed. If the water level in a boiler gets too high, the boiler loses steam pressure, steam quality and efficiency. If the water level gets too low, the boiler can be damaged or even explode.

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Water Level Controls FAQ

Does WARE sell automated water level control systems?

We stock everything for every kind of water level control system, from manual to fully automatic, including complete new water level control systems. 

What brands of water level controls does WARE carry?

We proudly carry McDonnell Miller and Warrick, two brands that we absolutely trust to provide reliable, long-lasting equipment.