Gaskets and Gasket Kits

There are many, many boiler manufacturers over the years that have created many different designs and iterations of boilers to heat water or make steam. The one thing all of them have in common is that they require gasket material for the clean-out and inspection ports. From door gaskets to boiler hand hole gaskets, stocks many types and sizes.

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boiler gaskets and gasket kits

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What is a Gasket & what is its function?

A gasket is essentially a seal between two pieces of metal that prevents leaks. They are used in steam boilers, and in hot water boilers, too.

With a gasket in place, metal parts that touch other metal parts, such as manhole doors, hand-hole doors, pipe flanges, gauge housings, fuel lines, and valve housings, will mate together and withstand the pressure of steam, feedwater, or fuel.

On the fireside of the boiler, gaskets are also used to seal stack ductwork and dampers, to make sure airflow and exhaust are carefully regulated for maximum efficiency. 

Different Types of Gaskets & How to Choose

Gaskets can be made from a variety of materials including paper, rubber, plastic, spiral-wound metal, graphite, and woven fiber. WARE stocks multiple types of gaskets for various applications, including pre-cut gaskets designed for specific parts. 

We also stock complete gasket kits that include every gasket needed for a specific area or part in your boiler system. 

The Role Gaskets Play in a Boiler

Boilers require a lot of metal-to-metal contact between pipes, fittings, gauges, hatches, and tanks. Inserting a gasket between the two metal mating surfaces makes sure that steam, water, and fuel can’t leak out, especially under pressure. 

What is the Effect of a Bad Gasket?

A failing gasket may not be immediately apparent, because it may still be able to hold pressure – at least for a while. However, when a gasket starts to go bad, it will eventually start to release steam, water, or fuel. That means it’s time for immediate replacement.

Things to Consider About Gaskets:

Always choose the correct gasket material for your application. Many gaskets look alike, but a gasket must be designed for the substances, pressures, and temperatures to which it will be exposed. 

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Gasket FAQs

What if my boiler takes a non-standard gasket?

Don’t worry. While WARE keeps the most common types of gaskets in stock at all times, we can also special-order and even custom-fabricate gaskets for any boiler out there. 

How important is it to choose the right material?

Absolutely crucial. Any gasket you use must be rated for the temperature, pressure, and mating surface material you’re using it for. No substitutions, please – using the wrong gasket can be catastrophic. 

Does WARE sell rope gaskets, tape gaskets, and blanket material for my boiler’s fireside?

We stock a large inventory of rope gaskets, tape gaskets, and blanketing material, including fiberglass and ceramic, and can cut-to-fit as needed.

Does WARE sell ladder tape/drop-warp gaskets?

We stock a wide assortment of ladder tape, also known as a drop-warp gasket, in various widths.

Does WARE sell PTFE joint sealant?

We stock PTFE joint sealant in various widths and thicknesses.