L1-C Tablets

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L1-C Tablets are a proprietary water treatment corrosion inhibitor for hot and chilled water closed loop water systems. They consist of a blended solid concentrate of Sodium Nitrite, Borax, Azole, and Polymer. Tablets are designed to eliminate spillage of liquid chemicals during addition and control noxious dusting when adding powder inhibitors.

Tablet size is 2 7/8' diameter, 1 3/8" depth

20 tablets in each pail.

Application/Feed rate: One TAB per 1,000 gallons of system water capacity doses 34.4 ppm nitrite (as NO2).

Testing Method

NO2 400-700ppm for Chilled Loops and 800 to 1000ppm or Hot loops

Sodium Nitrite NaNO3 600 to ,1050 ppm for chilled loops and 1,200 to 1,500 pp, for Hot loops