Modulating Feedwater Valve 1" 60 Deg V port 0-135 ohm CV Rating 15.50

This is WARE's Modulating Feedwater valve equipped with a 1" V-port valve and a Honeywell mod motor with a 0-135 ohm signal. This unit has a CV rating of 15.50
SKU: MOD-V60 1
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Water is the lifeblood of your boiler. Without it, steam production grinds to a halt and an angry manager is sure to be on their way to have a chat. Avoid that with the bullet proof design of a WARE Modulating Feedwater Valve. Feedwater valves control the water flow making it one of most important pieces on the boiler. We don't want to oversell any of our products but we believe this is the best product on the market. Uses a Honeywell Mod Motor for quick replacement of the actuator if needed. Low torque and a bubble tight shut off means when the boiler calls for the feedwater to be closed. It's closed.

Invest in a feedwater valve that won't let you down.

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